Feeled History

Feeled Trip is a collective of musicians hailing from around the country but currently residing in Southwest Florida.  

Focused on creating ever-evolving grooves and explorations that lean heavily on rock improvisations.    

These adventures can be as driving as they are psychedelic,  funky as they are spacey, and fun as they are scary.  

The music will have you peaking into the unknown as you're led thru the cosmos, only to be brought home changed.  

Every night is a different setlist and every time a song is played it’s a fresh take.


Feeled Trip: 

Evan Grant (Glens Falls, NY) - Drums 

Jeff Davis (Chicago, IL) - Bass, Guitar, Keys, Melodica,  Alt. Percussion, Mandolin, Vocals 

Shane Praefke (Buffalo, NY) - Keys, Alt. Percussion, Vocals 

Doug Smith (Detroit, MI) - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Finger Piano, Vocals 


Previous Members: 

Ryan Trask (Fort Myers, FL) - Bass, Keys, Vocals  (June 2016 - November 2018)

Cameron Cecil (Rome, GA) - Bass (June 2016 - March 2017)

Jack Murray (Fort Myers, FL) - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (February 2015 - May 2016)


Feeled Trip originated as a project with no specific direction, aside from some fun, exploratory jamming between friends.   

In late 2014 a meeting at a Fort Myers' Old Soul Brewery was arranged between Evan Grant and Doug Smith by a mutual friend, and well-respected local bass player, Tommy Scott. 

Tommy knew both Evan and Doug were fans of psychedelic improvisational rock and were looking to start a project.  A meeting of the minds was made and in the new year the primordial beginnings of Feeled Trip arose. 

2015 started with Tommy, Evan and Doug jamming in Doug's garage.  

Doug's funky, wandering, melodic guitar playing blended well with Evan's nuanced and propulsive drumming and Tommy created foundation. 

Despite acting as a catalyst, Tommy who was involved in 4 other steady projects at the time, knew he would not be a permeant fixture.

He recruited long time local friend Jack Murray to the jam sessions.  Jack, being extremely creative and more than willing to experiment, fit in well.


In June of 2015, long time best friend of Evan, Jeff Davis, joined the sessions. 

Jeff, a great guitar player, was also flexible enough between seemingly any instrument to switch it up when needed.  His history and synergy with Evan made the addition seamless.  

Shortly thereafter, Tommy departed to focus on his previous projects, his musical cupid work completed. 

The original incarnation of Feeled Trip was now solidified. Evan, Jack, Jeff, and Doug. Although this line up only existed for roughly a year it would create the basis for Feeled Trip's sound and the bud for their evolution. 

Only 2 shows were played in early 2016 at the site of Evan and Doug's original meeting Old Soul Brewery.   

Creative differences arose, and Jack departed that spring.  A search and expanse of the band happened as they entered a period of writing  and learning. 

Ryan Trask was brought on as alternate percussion player and Cameron Cecil on bass.   

This configuration never played any shows but again was responsible for creating many new sounds, textures and material for the bands expanding repetroire.   


In April of 2017, the line up that has played the majority of Feeled Trip shows to date was formed. 

Cameron was replaced on bass by Ryan, and another long time friend of Evan's was added on alternate percussion and keys, Shane Praefke. 

This line up was responsible for bringing Feeled Trip to it's current state and writing the bulk of Feeled Trip's original materiel. 

Ryan,  quickly assimilating to the bass took on new roles as a vocalist, writer and producer of Feeled Trip's visual art. 

Shane, a long-time musician and follower of improvisational music contributed instincts and textures that perfectly accented the newest directions of the band. 

Recently, another reshuffling occurred with Jeff replacing Ryan on bass and Shane focusing almost solely on keys. 

In the spirit of constant searching and evolution, the band continues to grow, always looking for new challenges and inspirations while building on a history of original material that is never stagnant. 

The joy of the searching and getting lost in the possibilities never ceases.


Let's Take a Feeled Trip!