Feeled Trip is:

Jeff Davis (Chicago, IL) - Bass, Guitar, Keys, Melodica,  Alt. Percussion, Mandolin, Vocals 

Evan Grant (Glens Falls, NY) - Percussion, Sample Pads 

Shane Praefke (Buffalo, NY) - Keys, Alt. Percussion, Vocals 

Doug Smith (Detroit, MI) - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Finger Piano, Vocals


 Feeled Trip is a collective of musicians hailing from around the country but currently residing in Southwest Florida.

Focused on creating ever-evolving grooves and explorations that lean heavily on rock improvisations.

These adventures can be as driving as they are psychedelic,  funky as they are spacey, and fun as they are scary. 

The music will have you peaking into the unknown as you're led thru the cosmos, only to be brought home changed. 

Every night is a different setlist and every time a song is played it’s a fresh take. 

Nearly all live shows are posted on the Setlist page and with links for free streaming via the SoundCloud page or our video that's available on Youtube.

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